Liberty Retirees

Carmen Davis - Head Counselor

Head Counselor Carmen Davis is retiring as one of the original Liberty staff members who opened the school in 1999. 

She has been a teacher in the Kern High school District since 1989, starting at Arvin High School teaching science, where she was a club adviser, and adviser for the freshman and junior classes. Ms. Davis worked at Arvin for 10 years, and before that taught chemistry and was cheerleading adviser at Magnolia High School in Anaheim.

When Liberty opened, Ms. Davis was the Science Department chair, and taught biology and chemistry, before moving to the counseling department in 2002. She was Link Crew adviser from 2001 to 2022. 

She says her plans for retirement aren’t completely set. 

“I want to volunteer in something outdoorsy, like for the U.S. Forest Service or California State Parks. I’d like to travel and maybe work in a vintage store.”

But most of all, Ms. Davis says she wants to slow down. “I think my biggest challenge is going to be how to learn to relax and not always be in a hurry,” she said.

Mr. Davis - Athletic Director

Tim Davis will retire after 20 years as Liberty’s athletic director, but continue teaching at Liberty in the coming years. 

Mr. Davis, who started teaching physical education at West High School in 1998, moved to Liberty to teach physical education and coach two sports in 2001, and became athletic director in 2004. 

“I have always been an avid sports fan, so this job was a perfect fit for me,” he said. “It has always been my goal to provide our coaches and students with support and guidance. I recognize the time and dedication our administration, staff, coaches and students put into their skills and I always wanted to work hard to match their hard work and time they put into their particular areas.” 

Mr. Davis will be teaching Academic Performance at Liberty after leaving his athletic director position. The Academic Performance class helps incoming freshmen students learn how to navigate high school, from bell schedules to learning to succeed in their classes.

“As I look forward to my new position, I will definitely miss working alongside Activities Director Brooke Slayton,” Mr. Davis said. “I could not have asked for a better partner. She is the heart and soul of our school.” 

Mr. Davis has been a consistent figure on the Liberty campus during sporting events, buzzing here and there in his golf cart to make sure events are running smoothly. He’ll have more time for family and activities when he is no longer athletic director, he said. 

“As for my new-found free time, I look forward to traveling, having flexible weekends, early evenings and spending time with my wife, Juliann. It goes without saying that I could not have done this job without her support.”


Mrs. Watkins - School Psychologist

School Psychologist Deanna Watkins is retiring after a 20-year career in the Kern High School District. Prior to her current role she also taught high school special education and kindergarten for a total of 35 years of educational experience. Her career in Kern High included time at Foothill, BHS, Golden Valley, and Liberty.

Mrs. Watkins was a steady force in the Special Education office and always one that staff went to for advice. Mrs. Stacy Froehlich, Mental Health Clinician, shared: “An incredible school psychologist, Mrs. Watkins intelligence, dedication, and unwavering support have been the quiet strength of our office. Her impeccable reports and student-first approach have made a lasting impact on everyone around her. We will deeply miss her as a colleague and friend. I look forward to hearing about every step on her journey, and I refuse to say goodbye."

Rudy Cabrera, Program Specialist, shared: “Deanna has not only been a wonderful colleague, mentor, and advisor to me, but also an incredible friend. I am going to miss my everyday conversations with Deanna greatly, whether we are discussing information about an upcoming meeting or sharing news of our families. I have worked with many well-informed and talented psychologists in my career, but none as knowledgeable or compassionate as Deanna. To put it simply, Deanna is brilliant. Deanna, you will be missed more than you know. I wish you nothing but joy, happiness, and relaxation in this next chapter of your life.”

Deanna was a mentor and always showed support not only to colleagues at Liberty, but across the district. Her teaching experience provided insight and compassion for both the student and teacher experience.


Mrs. Watson - Teacher and Spirit Team Coach

Andi Watson, a Liberty High School 2003 graduate who became a LHS cheer coach, English teacher, Academic Achievement teacher, Spirit Team coach, and Link Crew coordinator, is leaving Bakersfield at the end of this school year. 

Mrs. Watson is moving to Twin Falls, Idaho, to work in her family’s business. 

Mrs. Watson was a freshman in 1999 when Liberty High School opened and was hired in 2006 as a walk-on cheer coach. After completing student teaching at Liberty in 2010, she became one of the first LHS graduates to become a teacher here. She taught English for 10 years and was English Department chair for two years. She began teaching Academic Achievement classes for freshmen and became the Link Crew coordinator in 2020. She started the first dance team in the district, which she advised with Brooke Slayton, Desmond Ramey, and Haleigh Earls. She is finishing up her 18th year as Spirit Team coach/adviser. 

Two of her children have attended Liberty, as well. 

“I am grateful for my years at LHS,” Mrs. Watson said.  “It has been exciting to see the school from so many different perspectives: student, coach, teacher, and parent.”