CSF Applications DUE March 1

The California Scholastic Federation (CSF) is a state-wide academic honors organization whose purpose is to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement based on their report card grades each semester. Membership is for one semester and students reapply each semester that they qualify. Below is a link to the application and an informational slide deck.

CSF Membership Drive Application

CSF Informational Slide Deck

Students should fill out the application with Fall Semester 2023 grades (last semester's grades). Applications are due 3/1. A $10 donation will be requested and can be paid AFTER you have received an email stating that the payment window is open. This will be paid to the finance office after you have received confirmation that you qualified with Fall 2023 grades. All grades will be verified from your transcript by Mrs. Racicot, so you do not need to submit a transcript. Email Mrs. Racicot at [email protected] with any questions that you have.