Order Cap and Gown TODAY (Tuesday, Jan 24)

Tuesday, January 24 will be the last time to order a Cap and Gown or other Josten's items on campus. 

However, all of these items can also be purchased online at: https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/1162992/Liberty-High-School/

The basic Cap, Gown and Tassel package ($17.14) can be hard to find on the website. To find this item: click on graduation SHOP > scroll down and click on SHOP NOW > scroll down to CAP & GOWN > click on Cap and Gown Unit $17.14. Feel free to purchase other packages or a souvenir tassel, but the basic unit is all that is needed.

Jostens also has a showroom at 1612 20th Street, Bakersfield 93301.They are open 3-6pm, Tuesday – Thursday. 

www.Jostens.com or call 661-324-8529