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School Policies

The faculty and staff of Liberty High School want to provide the best educational opportunities possible for all students. In order to have an environment appropriate to this commitment, and to enable teachers, counselors and administrators to effectively provide for a sound education for students, certain reasonable behaviors are expected from all students. When these behaviors do not occur, action will be taken which will be determined by the nature, seriousness, and frequency of the inappropriate behavior. The Administration and the Dean of Student, as the Principal’s designees, are assigned the responsibility for maintaining campus order and for administering school discipline in accordance with the Liberty High School Student Discipline Policy. Any violation of school regulations not covered in this policy will be handled according to the Kern High School District Discipline Education Code.

The Liberty High School Student School Policy applies to students: 


  • While on school grounds
  • While going to or coming from school
  • During lunch, whether on or off the campus
  • While attending, or while going to, or coming from, a school-sponsored activity or any activity sponsored by the Kern High School District