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Patriot take First at Physics Olympics

Congratulations to our Physics Olympics teams that participated in Physics Olympics on Friday, April 8th at Bakersfield College. The following teams placed first in their event. We also had several second and third places.


Physics Super quiz – This is the culminating event in the competition and after 24 questions, Liberty and Centennial were tied for first. After 5 tie breaker questions  our team from Liberty prevailed.


Zach Crandall

Shain Meyers

Dominick Mavrakis

Lianne McQueen

Justin Gussman

Andrew Rogers

Reid Kritch

Kanani Lua

Makenzie Noe


Centripetal Force – Students predict the mass of a stopper using Newton’s Second Law for circular motion.


Olivia Luthi

Gabby Delica

Christian Gallegos


Spring Constant – Students predict the mass of an unknown using Hooke’s law of the period of Simple Harmonic motion.


Sam Tingey

Seth Waggoner

Caleb Lahoda